Monday, September 26, 2011

{Miss F}

My sweetest, little niece at almost 6 months old!  She is completely adorable, right??!  I got all these
shots in about 20 minutes.  Oh, how I wish my own kiddos would be as content and happy to have their picture taken as this little beauty. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

{Baby S and Baby J}

Oh yeah, I have a photography blog.  And I am sure this post won't reach anyone because I never use it!! As much as I want to be posting on memory card usually gets filled up with pictures of my kids and my every day life that gets posted on our family blog. 

But last weekend I was lucky enough to finally try out my new camera (l-o-v-e it!!) on pictures at a double baby blessing for my brother/SIL and my SIL's twin sister!  These babies are adorable!! They were born about 6 months apart and sure to be the best of cousins as they get older. 

No one else even pulled out a camera the whole weekend .... so I was feeling a lot of pressure to make sure we got great photos of these littles on their special day.  For family I can handle this because they would forgive me if my memory card failed, my computer crashed, the photo was slightly out of focus (gasp!)....but I just couldn't handle actually doing this professionally. I admire all of you out there that do!! 

Here they are...adorable babies.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

{Kali Leenstra Photography Workshop: Alisha & Matt}

So, I am diving in with a photography blog.  I still consider photography a hobby for me.  And I definitely felt like a hobbyist when I attended Kali Leenstra's photography workshop last weekend.  I have been admiring Kali's work since she took the gorgeous photos of my sister's family last year.   She is so willing to share, teach, and help....I {love} her!  She is amazing at what she does, a true artist.  And then as an added bonus, I was able to watch several other photographers at the workshop unfold their magic.  So fun to see everyone in action and admire (and be green with envy over) their incredible equipment.  Even though Kali and the other photographers have loads and loads more experience than me, they were all so wonderful, encouraging and helpful to me!  And they have given me more blogs to admire, follow, and learn from. Thank you thank you thank you everyone! 

I don't think I will ever turn into a 'pay-me-I-am-a-professional-photographer' , but it is fun to learn and grow in this hobby I have grown to love over the past couple years.  And hopefully increase my ability to be able to capture and preserve those moments in time with my kidlets, family, and friends I want to remember forever. 

Kali arranged for this darling couple: Alisha & Matt to model for us as we shot on location in Seattle (seriously, how cute are they??!).  
And I want that red dress. 
And those yellow shoes.  
It made me realize how much fun photography can be when you have willing subjects...i.e. a lot different than taking pictures of my crazy kidlets. 

Kali helped us in photoshop and post processing for the last half of the workshop...another area where I have much to learn. 

So here goes.  Enjoy.

{About This Blog}

I bought my first DSLR camera 3 years ago when I just wanted to be able to take better pictures of my kidlets. About 1 year ago I learned how to use it. It was an 'aha' moment when I discovered how shutter speed, ISO, and aperture all work together! I consider myself a hobbyist photographer. A total amateur with much to learn. I didn't want to bombard my family blog with random photography I'll post them here instead. Please email me and ask permission before using any text or images from this blog. Thank you.